Sunday, June 17, 2018

Blog Bat Around: Rock The Red For Red Scheondienst

Ol' Red's longevity was something to be admired.  I also take pride in usually knowing how to spell his last name correctly without looking.

I went through some of my binders and game used stashes and watched for big blotches of red.  Red frames and uniforms and design colors - hopefully several of these elements together.  Here are my top ten (-ish) red cards in tribute to Red Schoendienst in order by sport.
1960 Topps Roy McMillan #45

This one is the only 1960 Topps card that I saw in my binder to use the black and white lettering on the red banner.  All the others used yellow and white for the most part.  Bonus points for being a Cincinnati player too.

1996 Circa Royce Clayton #176

I like the many shades of red on this one.  Probably a nice set to try to collect at some point.  The quote in the corner is a nice touch too.  Clayton played on eight or nine different teams, so his cards only have a couple sections of red pallette card designs - Cardinals and Rangers.

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Dealing Aces Stephen Strasburg #DA-SS

Pretty straightforward red frame design and all red type with the Nats uniform to boot.  You may recognize some familiar elements that also appear in my series that focuses on more curvaceous subject matter.  This one is from my minor collection of Stras oddballs.

2014 Topps Red Foil Parallel Brian Matusz #547

I've got a lot of parallel Matusz cards, but most of the red ones are frames only.  In 2014, Topps made these "red foil" parallels, which should be called "red shimmer" since they're not just flat red.  They scan very magenta, so I took some phone pics too.  As you can see, you get a different reflective effect from slightly changing the angle.

1994-95 Flair #216, 1996-97 Pinnacle By The Numbers #3, and 2002 Atomic Sergei Fedorov

Fedorov probably has the highest percentage of red in his cards of anything I collect, especially in the Detroit home uniform.  Threw these in together on the scanner, but the Pinnacle and Atomic don't show their shiny so well in scans either.

2007 Playoff Prestige Xtra Points Red Jared Zabransky #239 (/100) 

Scan and photos of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl Boise State quarterback.  I'm still waiting for this guys' other stuff to drop in price since he never really made it in the NFL.  Not sure if he's still in the CFL or not.  Last seen with Edmonton Eskimos a few years ago.

2003 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Priest Holmes #43

Gonna triple up on Priest to finish things out here.  He's the #1 player I try to "supercollect", and since he was a Chief most of his career, there are a plethora of red washed cardboard to choose from.  The Pros & Prospects is a nice team color themed set that I've recently started.  It's not overly shiny or cluttered, though the type and UD logo are all silver foil.  The simplest of the Priest cards I'll show.

2006 Fleer Hot Prospects Retrospective jersey Priest Holmes #RE-PH

The first of a couple game-used Preists I used here.  Red uni, background and even the fabric swatch.  Not a completely thrilling design, but decent enough.

2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity Ruby Priest Holmes #45 (/250)

This is the one that's part of the complete rainbow I finished back in 2014.  It's called Ruby, so the magenta-like scan hue is excused in this case.  All kinds of reflected colors on these.

2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red (& Materials) Priest Holmes #59 (/100) 

Got both the regular and swatch version of this one.  This time they called it Mirror Red, but it still scans more magenta. 

So it's really more than ten, but these are the reddest cards I have.  Probably could have found more in my Capitals collection, but there's a whole higher level to their Redness.


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    You can see that I READ!!!! your blog again today I READY!!! Enjoyed it. I am like a bull seeing all of RED. You could have thrown in a RED HOT picture of SCARLETT JOHANSSON or another one of the RED SOX ladies. As for old RED SCHOENDIEST his 1990 Topps Traded card showed that the best in his cards wearing the CARDINALS RED he truly will be missed.

  2. It's good to see that another person got in on this particular BBA. Showing multiple red parallels of the same player was a really good idea. Also, since I had missed it before, I went back and checked out your completed rainbow... very cool!

  3. Seeing red never felt so good. Great stuff.