Monday, October 15, 2018

Chantilly Show Loot

It was a weekend of shows.  Cars and Cards.

I spent Saturday at the 2018 AACA Fall meet in Hershey, PA looking at old cars.

Gorgeous classics, muscle cars, and big cars with tail fins, that's what I like best.

Sunday, I was back in my best environment, hunting for cardboard.

Knocked out a lot of my A&G needs...

Also found some Stadium Club inserts and a couple odd singles.  Always nice to find Jeter inserts that I don't have.  It amazes me that even if I find a big stack of his cards, there are hardly any of the dozens of Jeter inserts that I need to kill so many sets.

Also got some box loaders for almost nothing to whittle my 2016 set down to a few.

Picked these up for my friend Stuart:

One dealer had a stack of 1977 O-Pee-Chee, that I purged of my player collection guys.  Love the picture variations on a couple of these.  The Fisk & Sutter are Archive singles.

Same vendor had a box of mojo hits and parallels.  These are all also PC guys.  The Bowa bat piece has him as a coach, which is rather unique.  It was a lot but I didn't figure to see it again anywhere.  Hopefully the shiny A's and Evans aren't dupes.  GQ Bo is just a SP.

Worked on my '71 football at Uncle Dicks.  Also filled out some old Redskins I'd been hunting for a while.  Bosseler is a Post.  The new ones at the bottom I picked up at the end of the show for 50¢ each, which is probably a little much, but harmless fun.

He also helped me with my '71-'72 hockey set.  Down to only a few high dollar ones.

And finally, I always try to peruse my favorite blogger top want lists before a show.  Will be sending these out.  You know who you are.

While I was picking out the Hoyt and Dusty, I found this Monte Irvin that just appealed to me, so he came home too.  Can't really see anything wrong with it for such a discount.

I felt like I spent the whole weekend driving and walking around big places, but it was fun.


  1. Man, you know you're at a big-league show when there's a stack of '77 O-Pee-Chee there for the taking.

  2. Solid finds. Love that Dwight Evans bat relic! I've been debating on building the 2001 UD Decade bat relics and jersey relics sets. They both have solid checklists... and are well designed.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Fuji you should check out the picture of this guy's friend Stuart who has a complete set of the single bat pieces of the 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's. According to his friend site its 1 of 97 possibly made due to the fact that there's only 97 Tug McGraw bat cards. To GCA I think that I might have lost my Virginity in a car similar to that 1st showed lol.

  4. Which 71-72 hockey do you need?

  5. Another great haul! Getting that Irvin for $4 seems like a steal, because I don't see anything either that would justify it being so cheap.

  6. "Anonymous" - I sent him the link.

    EP - Check my wants link in the top right portion of my blog page. Thanks!

  7. Nice cars and cards. It's been awhile since I've been to a Chantilly show