Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Oh Yeah, It's The Postseason

Football is in Week 4, and hockey starts tomorrow night.  My teams have been out of it since basically the All-Star break, so baseball has taken a back seat for a good while now.  I actually didn't even know the season was over until I saw a tv ad for the tiebreaker games taking place a few days later.

So since topics have been so scarce lately, let me throw out a quick post about who I hope wins.  You'll notice I didn't say who I'll be rooting for because I may not watch much of the playoffs either.

At least there are still some teams that haven't won in a while.  That's probably the biggest qualifier for me to get behind someone.  And if they are division rivals to my O's and Nats, of course.

As I write this, it's 1-0 Rockies in the 8th inning.

I'm torn, because I always like to see new teams in the playoffs, especially when they've never won much of anything.  But then again, it would be nice for the Cubs to continue their success for many years in a row.  Two championships in three years would be incredible, but not quite like back to back.  So I'll go Rockies here.

Oakland A's vs. the Yankees?  Well that's a no-brainer.  Call me Gint-A-Cuffs junior.  No Yanks allowed.

First up, Braves vs. Dodgers.

The Bravos have pretty much led the division all year if I'm not mistaken.  They've been waiting to finish the rebuild and start winning again.  The Dodgers have been on the cusp a couple times now.  Sorry Night Owl.  I'm going with Hotlanta.

The other series will be Rockies vs. Brewers unless the Cubs break the tie they're currently in.  The only thing I know about either team that there are players I like and a couple I'm not big on.  Colorado has former Nat Ian Desmond who has done OK for them.  Plus, I know Arenado and Trevor Story are two of their big stars, who don't seem too full of themselves.  On the Brewers side, there is Schoop from the O's, Gio from the Nats, and several other guys that I know better from former teams.   Braun takes away a couple points - I'm not a fan - but there are enough other likable guys that I'm going to have to say Brew Crew.

So then the A's will have to move on to kill the other AL East rival Red Sox, who have been perched atop the whole AL all year, much less the division.  That would be nice, but probably ain't happening.

Then on the other side, the Indians face off against the (still-doesn't-feel-right-in-the-AL) Astros, who are the defending champs.  Cleveland's drought is the longest, and their football team is making strides, so they have to keep up.  Tribe are my pick.  'Stros, you had yours.

Update: Still tied at 1 after 9.

Braves vs. Brewers is my ideal Championship series.  And pretty much a coin flip between the two.  Markakis for the win with a liner past Braun.

There will still be resistance from the Sawx or Yanks, but hopefully we get the recreation of the 1948 World Series matchup.

...with the same outcome.  Indians end the drought.  And somewhere Satchel Paige is smiling.

NLWC still tied after 10.  Guess I'll go turn it on.

Update: I'm 1 for 1!  The Purple Badness persevered over the Cubbies well into the night!


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Baseball needs to go back to the way it was in 1968 to see who should be in the playoffs or if you like the divisions then do like that from 1969 through 1993 but keep a best of 7 series not a best of 5 series plus make it a 2-2-1-1-1 type of thing.

  2. Let's go Oakland! Let's go Oakland!

  3. Yeah, I didn't realize they had changed it to 2-3-2 these days. It was better the old way with alternating games toward the end.