Monday, October 02, 2017

Flea Market Find

I've had a table at a local flea market for several months.  It was a great way to get rid of hoarded stuff that just took up space in the closets or the garage.  I sold off many items of my own, and also got other things from friends and my mother.  Wasn't really in it for the cash, but more to put useful things into the hands of people who could use them.  Unfortunately, that pipeline has run dry.  I've closed down the table this past weekend.  I stopped by last Saturday to notify the owner and mark down the remaining merchandise. 

I never sold cards there, but I did end up buying some!  While "un-shopping" several items from my table back to their proper sellers, I came across several long white boxes in that oh-so-familiar shape.  They were marked with 1991, 88 (x2), '86, '85, '83 and 1978.  Since I've already done the later sets (and still have a full two-row box of '88 myself), I passed on those.  But I did grab the '83 and '78s figuring they're far enough outside the junk wax era to be valuable trade bait.

They're in really nice shape.  Looks like the leftovers from some box breaks and set builds.  Both boxes generally cover numbers 530ish through the end of their respective sets.  The '78s have a handful of earlier numbers.  They include managers, checklists, and a few non-star rookie quads.

The 83's have stars (Yaz, Seaver, Ozzie, Raines, Brett, Morgan, etc.) Super Veterans, team cards, league leaders, managers, and more!

Can't beat the price, either.  TWO BUCKS A BOX!

Send me your needs.  And if you want some of the other years, I can pick those up too.


  1. Nice scores! I rarely see anything outside of '89 Topps and '91 Donruss at my local flea market.

  2. Hard to beat a deal like that!

  3. I'd be into lots of 86, 85, 83 or 78. I have a smattering of 86s, but nothing from the rest. Let's work something out!

  4. Wow.

    I'm sure I have some '78s that need upgrading. But I'll wait until you fill holes for others before claiming any.

  5. Wow, 78s? What a find! I just put together that set a couple years ago. I knew I should have waited a little while longer! LOL

  6. $2 for all of those 78's? Sweet score!