Friday, October 13, 2017

Two Down On The Most Wanted List

Made a couple more trades with my usual group and got a couple off the top wanted list.

First up, the 1990 Scoremasters Bo Jackson.  Neat little set I picked up cheap somwhere, but was missing Cal Ripken and then of course, I needed a second Bo, because who wants to break up a perfectly complete set?

This one will go with another Bo into the binder...

This year's ASG MVP.  My list still says #10 since I need two of this Bo, just like the Scoremaster.

Another one I'm glad to have captured is this Heritage set killer.

Completes the inserts and all....the...shortprints?  As I type that, I'm not sure that's for real.  But let me check....Ah, OK, I have four whole shortprints.  That's more realistic.  Have to put those on the ol' wantlists.  Another Heritage set down to the shortprints.  Is there any other state a Heritage set can end up in?

Happy Trading!

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  1. The 65T set is one of my favorite designs, so when 2014 Topps Heritage came out I wanted to have a complete set with all of the SP's. Never actually came close to building the set. I'm glad I didn't try... because I discovered there were some SP's with variations. Anyways... I found someone on eBay selling a complete set (no high #'s) with SP (just 1 of each, not every single SP) for less than $80, so I grabbed it. Eventually I'll secure the inserts, but I'm gonna cheat and find someone with complete sets. I'm already dabbling in too many sets right now. Best of luck with this project!