Saturday, October 07, 2017

Scott Crawford Stayed On It!

Scott Crawford and I started corresponding about trading back in 2014.  It was December, and as happens often, we got caught up in the holidays and everything and eventually lost track.  I switched my wants website this past year, so when Scott found our messages in the dark reaches of his Inbox in late August, we started over.

Last week, it came to fruition.  Got a return package from him that was quite diverse.

Started out with a 2007 Red.....Back.

Then some star power from the mid 90's to chip away at a couple sets.

Some cross-sport action from '94 Upper Deck.  This is my second one since I started my MJ baseball collection before trying to complete this set.

Nice parallel '98 Donruss Press Proof.  The scan brings out the logos in the background.  These are "numbered" out of 1500, which is to say that it says "1 of 1500" on the back.

A couple Livans for his PC.  Gotta be a hell of a fastball to make it across the plate from Mars.

Jump over to football with four hits to my second set of 2008 Score.  I really like this set, but will be glad when I get all the inserts (in the correct non-glossy versions) and can finally erase it off my lists.

And finally,

Some short print Archive Fridge action from 2013.  I highlighted the notations so you can see the differences from the original (besides the card number)

Thanks Scott!  Looking forward to the second round, like in a month or two this time!


  1. Working on a long-ago trade offer with Scott myself! He must have dug deep in that inbox.

  2. They never really left the first page of my inbox, because I am always working (with varying degrees of success) toward Inbox Zero. Man, did they nag at me. Glad we've got a deal done with one of you, and one apparently very close on the other! (Had a third with Ryan G. that I wrapped up recently, too, from around the same time.) Usually, only dayf and I end up taking 3 years to finish a deal (that's about our normal going rate), but I think he and I are hovering well.