Friday, September 14, 2018

Baseball, Babes, and Baltimore

Got yet another package from Master G at the BCB.

It's a rather eclectic mix as described in the title.

First, a couple set hits...

Terrificness in bright yellow McGriff'ness and Zunino Hometown Hero (SP high number).

Then player (etc.) collection additions...

Yet another big rookie card reprint.  Though I do like the stamp.

This one's not a player collection per se, but rather a rainbow in the making.

Ms. Baker in fiery red.  Mmmm.  Smokin'....

And finally some random Orioles.  Probably one card for each game I've actually watched this year.

A really nice Brooks. 

I'll always remember Melvin Mora for being the guy that someone described as always having that look on his face of just eating something bad when he was at the plate.

Finally, this just made me laugh.  Gavin does the ultimate in recycling by using an old greeting card for his package note.  Scan is the front and the inside.  I cropped the right part out.

It's OK Gavin, we won't tell Aunt Kathy. 😉


  1. That Brooks Robinson is pretty cool!

  2. Master G. I like it. Is that Gavin's stage name?

  3. Ha, glad you like!