Monday, September 17, 2018

Set Killers & Short Prints From The Sunday Show

Made it back to Greencastle for the monthly show for the first time in three months.  Killed a couple sets and found some bargains, and came home with a couple boxes too.

First, since it's week 2 of the NFL season, let's start with the football.  Some base set cards from 2015 Gridiron Kings, including the framed ones in the middle.  Those are the way they did the rookies.  The parallels of this set are really kinda ugly.  Also got my 2015 Platinum down to one (Tom Brady).

These 2016 Donruss inserts came out of the same box as the base above.  And they were all 10¢ each!  Even the Thomas and Fuller rookies!

To make the transition from football to baseball, here's the guy to do it.  Bo is the only player collection guy I have in this year's Ginter.  This card may very well become redundant as you'll see later.  The Metal Universe is an unconfirmed need too.  He's got so many recent cards that depict him in Auburn gear, it's hard to tell which ones I don't have.

Miscellaneous minis!  Yaz is for a collector on SCF.  Stras is for a casual 2016 Nats Ginter Mini team rainbow collection (yeah, just bear with me on that one), and Tenace is a blue Broadleaf back for my player collection.

Killed my 2018 Stadium Club set!  Actually, the last two cards are AJones and Buehler.  The others are replacements for miscut singles I got in my initial boxes.  They were all slightly rotated and diamond cut.  Got the one insert to go with them.  Also knocked off a couple legends variations from base Topps.  Wish I could get these pics to move to the left....

The biggest batch I got was a bunch of Heritage short prints from various years.  These are 2003's with background or logo variations.

The 2006 set is the newest one I've started.  The short prints are a little more interesting with these, as you can see by the blue letters on Hudson, and the red jersey on Rocket.  Not sure what Sexson's deal is, but he was on the list.

Anyone need Carlos Gomez?  Here is the first inevitable duplicate of this show's loot.  Probably won't be the last after I check everything off.

And finally, 2016.  Lots of big names in this bunch.  The last column are from the high numbers.  I think I got all these relatively cheap, so it's nice to knock off some of these stars.

And now everyone's favorite ~ vintage!  These two lots are from different dealers.  The top ones were $2 each, which isn't horrible, but I usually don't pay that much for commons.  It was one of those times where I got in front of a dealer who had nice looking stock, but when he told me his pricing, I wasn't inclined to buy a lot from him.  But I couldn't justify walking away, so I obligingly picked out a few nice ones.  He spotted a couple star names on my phone list and pointed out that he had them in the display case (marked way more than I'd spend).  So I politely said I'd work on them later and got away.
The second stack were actually $3 each or two for $5 from one of my favorite sellers.  And there are a few high numbers in there.

The final purchase was Ol' Smoky from the same favorite dealer.  He had several copies at much lower prices, but they were way off center, etc.  So I bit the bullet and killed my set with the nicest one.  Got a few bucks off, so it wasn't full price anyhow.  Set complete!  Funny part was, he said he had just sold three '63 Fleers to another guy elsewhere, and one was Burgess to complete that guy's set too!

Felt pretty good about what I had found in a few hours, and after making a stop on the way home, was back in time to watch (what ended up being a disappointing) football game.  My collection fared much better than my fantasy football teams.  Always nice to pick up so many set hits, etc. and not really spend a lot of cash.  But I did indulge myself with these:

Watch for the results coming up this week....

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  1. I think the '63 Fleer set is a very underrated design. Funny coincidence about another buyer needing the Smoky to complete his set too!
    Have fun ripping the two boxes!