Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Football Currency For My Cardboard Reckonings

Jon over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts reciprocated a trade this past week.

I got some of my favorite offbeat football cards - Fleer Team Action from the 80's.

Started with two from 1978 in all their yellow bordered brightness...

These sets usually contain two action shots from each team and then one card depicting each Super Bowl up to that point.  The rest of the Fleers were from 1983....

 Cut off the scan of the whole group at the bottom.  Sometimes these sets didn't necessarily show the Super Bowls, but instead had photos of miscellaneous facets of the game.

Here are closer looks at the non-team cards...

 The Falcons in a sideline strategy session, including Steve Bartkowski the quarterback.  Their biggest star for a while.


Dan Fouts drops back to pass in the Pro Bowl.  It strikes me that they didn't make a lot of cards of the Pro Bowl over the years.  Not sure if that's a great deficiency or not.  And finally...

This one's a little more significant these days.  The whole team lined up together out on the field during the anthem.  Back when players worried about playing on Sundays and doing other things on different days.

The final bonus was this...

Nice burgundy swatch of Sonny Jurgensen.  Thanks a lot Jon!


  1. Nice Sonny! 2001 UD Legends Past Patterns is a great looking memorabilia set.

  2. That package was starting to make me nervous, as it shouldn't have taken eight days to get there -- I could drove it there myself, and gotten back in less than a day!