Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Stars Without The Cardboard

It's not as if I needed to bring home another pile of cards, but I went to the October Chantilly show this past weekend anyway.  It was more for a couple autographs for a friend than anything else, but I figured I'd pick up some new inserts while I was there.

My main target was a couple former Redskins stars that were there among a whole group of them.  You could get Terry Allen, Dexter Manley, DeAngelo Hall, Ricky Sanders, Rickey Ervins, Mike Bragg and Chris Hanburger for $119.  That was $56 off the regular individual price (of about $30 each).  That was a bit much for me, and my friend William just wanted a couple of the older guys, so I went with them.

Chris Hanburger wore #55 and was elected to the Hall Of Fame in 2011.

 Larry Brown wore #43 and was the 1972 NFL MVP and played in Super Bowl VII vs. the undefeated Dolphins.

I printed out some cool photos for them to sign instead of cards or helmets this time.

They had several other "lanes" open with signers while I was in line for those guys.

Dexter Manley, who I got at a Chantilly show before.

The Diesel John Riggins was there too.  He's on TV a lot around here.

And Jerome Bettis for you Steeler fans harkening for better days.

I did end up with some current year inserts and even some vintage football etc. which I'll share in a later post.

Thanks in advance to the bots for jacking up my reader numbers since "cardboard" is in the title.


  1. Very cool several of my childhood heroes.

  2. Nice. Shows are fun when you get to see these guys.

  3. John Riggins sure signs a lot of stuff, which might hurt his collectability a little bit, but I doubt that he made a ton of money during his playing days, so he's probably just making up for it now!

  4. I've always been surprised at the lack of Larry Brown certified autographs out there. A few years ago, I attempted to collect certified pack pulled autographs of all of the 1972 MVP's from the 4 major sports... but hit a wall when it came to Brown.