Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I Just Can't Win...

So I'm at the monthly card show just west of where I live and I'm looking at 2017 inserts.  I feel like I'm not quite far enough into buying packs or trading for that set to start outright buying of inserts, or even base cards right now.  So I almost walk away....

But then I get an idea.  90% of the time, the last few inserts I end up needing are going to be the biggest names - Jeter, Harper, Trout, Bryant, etc.  I can almost never pull them from packs that I pick out.  And not many people end up with them as extras.  I've postulated the theory that the big guys are "ghost-shortprinted" to some degree.  At least that's my observation.

So, why don't I get ahead of the game and pick up the Mike Trout 5 Tool insert while I can get it for 50¢ from this guy right now?  I know I need it, so this is my best chance to not have to pay or trade extra to get it, or have to type his name yet again on my want list site.

Boom! Done.

Alright, I'm being smart and thinking ahead.  Shrewd shopper.  Feels good.

So later I am making a deal with Matt from my trading group on Yahoo!.  I've got tons of singles from his Angels, Royals, and Reds team lists from the 80's thru the early 2000s or so.  A few hundred cards in total.  He's got a decent chunk of my 2017 base needs.  OK, so that covers the one team.  I kinda strike out on finding anything really useful from his trade list that he sends me.  So I suggest a couple rack packs of 2017 right off the hangers to make up the difference.

Matt actually goes way beyond and sends me not only a jumbo pack of flagship, but two packs of Heritage, and three packs of Opening Day!  The package shows up today and unfortunately, there weren't any super mojo hits, but I got a few cards for my rainbow team sets for this year, and a couple inserts I didn't have.   But as is my luck, I also got a few inserts that I've pulled already - including, you guessed it - Mike Trout 5 Tool!!! Grrrrr!

Reminds me of the old skit on Hee Haw.  "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all..."


night owl said...

I can't believe you posted a Hee Haw video. My post tomorrow is connected to Hee Haw! Wow.

Billy Kingsley said...

I've been burned by this too. I almost never buy a current season card as a single, or even usually trade for them. Unless I have enough of the set already to know I won't buy buying any more packs. then all bets are off