Friday, March 03, 2017

Enhancing Defenses To Repel Gremlin Attacks

I don't know how it happens. 

I like to think my level of organization is very high.  But time after time, I get cards in the mail and check 'em off my want list site, go to put 'em away, and the same card is sitting in the box or binder already. 

I make thorough lists from reliable sources.  I try vigilantly to check them off before putting them away.  And it should be easier for me since my computer is in one room, and my collection is in the other.  So I open the packages and set them by the computer, check 'em off and then have to actually walk them over to the adjacent room.

But still, it happens.  Or, it's the other way.  I get down to the last card in a list, get it, and then go through the set just to make sure, and find several numbers missing.  WTF?  I often hear other collectors call that a Gremlin Attack. 

How do I cross off numbers that I don't actually get?  Or did I cross them off and then put them in the wrong pile and trade them away somehow?  Who knows....

This just happened this past week with three sets that I thought I had finished.  Had two of them on my Priorities page on my website (new link at left or here).  That's where I put the most important cards I'm looking for at the moment.  But it turns out they weren't the sole survivors.

1998 Donruss Brian Hunter to kill the set?  Nope!

Still need these: 23 Clemens  133 Orie  268 DeJean RC   351 MVaughn Hit List    367 Jeter Hit List   378 Mussina UTs

Jeter.  Always Jeter....

This set had two different sole survivors on the Priorities page.  I had first listed the Jose Mesa card, but then figured out that I had skewed the numbers and it was actually this Matt Morris rookie card - which I ended up getting from two different people.  But that still didn't finish the set.  Sifting through, I find I'm still missing these:

5 Walker Star Power  21 Scharrer Draft Pick  38 Belcher

Really?  Messed it up TWICE!

And these two were what I had listed as the last two 1993 Donruss.  Somehow, even though you might think it's easier to do in a large set like this, I still didn't have these in the box:

141 Nagy  466 Cox  559 Ripken  631 Fletcher  729 Edens

Could'a swore I had Cal....

And even this one.  Beckett had a partner for a good while, until I got that one.  He then stayed on the list by himself until he finally showed up in a trade.  Went to put him away, and "Gah!" he was already there.

Watch out for gremlins this week.  They're on a roll!

Let me know in the comments if you have any way to keep them in check....

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Jon said...

I too have a really bad habit of marking cards that I don't have off of my paper checklists. It's terribly annoying! I think you might be looking for a solution where there is none.