Friday, March 31, 2017


Somewhere I think I still have a childhood book that is nothing but single letters combined into whole sentences like the title.  "Henry is great" = "N-re S Gr8" sort of thing.

Anyway, here is the full bounty from my first trade with Trevor of Supporting the Minnow, a blog devoted to the exclusive pursuit of everthing O-Pee-Chee.  It's been over a week, but I've got a bunch of posts lined up and there will be plenty more next week.  I try to keep the every-other-day pace going....

I sent him a fairly large lot of 2009 UD OPC baseball (regular and black parallels).  From his extensive and detailed trade list, I picked out some of last years' cool looking Tim Horton's hockey, and a list of Captials cards, plus one Sergei Fedorov, which didn't make the scan.

Got a lot of bonus stuff too!  I didn't expect the inserts along side the Horton's, and had to flip them over to figure out why these non-Caps guys were in there, but they are a welcome addition.  You can also see a whole batch of vintage-y Caps in the second row, including some 79-80s (blue) that may fill out needs in my whole set too.  The next row is the 90's and 2000's, which I always have fun figuring out what year they really are.  The last row is mostly the current Caps that were seen in my recent post about the small inventory of current DC skaters.

So thanks to Trevor, and hoping it won't be too long until the next round.  I still have some inserts left from those 2009's.....

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