Monday, June 05, 2017

A Not Quite Summer Trade (with '74s!)

Matt P of the Summer of '74 blog emailed me a little while ago and said he had all my 1974 Parker Brothers versions of Topps football and may have some inserts from 2013 and '14 too.

I basically said "Heck Yes!" and started pulling singles.  He had big lists from a lot of recent Topps flagship sets, so that was right in my dupe wheelhouse.  I sent off a 400-500 count box and got my end the next day.

If you don't know, (and you haven't read my posts on them before), the Parker Brothers' football are from a game that used cards similar to 1974 Topps, but with one minor difference.  They either have stats from 1972 - one year earlier than the regular '74 cards, or there are two asterisks (instead of just one) next to the copyright line.  The Foreman above is special to me in that it is the most well known player to be born in my hometown of Frederick, MD.  A few of the cards have different front photos as well.

Matt is purging his football stuff, so I was the recipient of some nice in-person autographs from some pretty nice name players, and some bonus early 80's football.

TGonz, Charlie Joiner, and Too Tall Jones!

Heath Shuler and Herschel Walker.
Shuler will go in my Redskins collection.  Herschel is addressed to Matt, but I guess if you're purging, you're purging....

Billy Sims x2
Billy Sims twice, including one of my favorite football designs ever - the college version.  Sims is a really great autograph signer.  I met him at a National when a dealer friend of mine had me go get a ball signed and inscribed with his touchdown music title "Another One Bites the Dust".  Sims stands up the whole time and is very friendly and animated.

And the bonus football from '80 and '81
Matt didn't stop there.  He hit a couple inserts from my 2014 Topps list...

And some Then & Now from the early 90's.  The big names!

That little ticket stub is signed by Ollie Brown, another of my many PC's.

And this one you just saw on his site.  He threw it in just before mailing...

Nice bonus buyback!

Thanks Matt!  I've added you to my blogroll, too!

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