Friday, June 30, 2017

Elite EBay Purchase

Was shopping for a couple Cardinals gamers for a trade and came upon the store of Elite Sportscards.  They were offering some nice bargains on jerseys and autos of guys I collect.  So I was able to combine shipping on some needs for myself.

First, some Stephen Davis gamers for the Redskins collection.  If I didn't collect all Redskins to begin with, I would probably collect Davis by himself.  Not sure why, really.  I liked him when he was with us, and he did pretty decent in Carolina, but wasn't a Hall Of Famer or anything.  These were less than two bucks apiece.

Continuing with the Washington veteran theme, some Livans from '06 thru 2015.  I actually have one of the Spectrums already, but the others are new.  These were also basically two bucks each.  And I do collect Livan with other teams.  (I don't collect the Nationals as a team).

A couple non-licensed additions to the Brian Matusz supercollection.  These were $2.50 each.  I wouldn't have paid more than that, especially for the Upper Deck auto.  This is what you get for exclusive licenses.  I don't blame Upper Deck, except for the lame image.  I blame Topps for forcing this kind of desperate attempts by the other companies.  The airbrushed generic ("jail team"?) uniform, and the "we have autos, we have to put them on something" card.  Hell, make an image of his silhouette and use that.  It would have better impact than this Olympic tourist thing.  Oh well, it's off the list anyway.

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