Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Mailday

Just a quick post to show two packages that were waiting for me when I got back from a weekend trip.

The first is my latest purchase from my man Marv, who continually supplies great 1960 vintage.

Some great stars and high numbers.  That set is almost done, and Marv can take credit for a big part of it.

Next up is yet another delivery from Blogger #1, Greg at Night Owl Cards.

The shiny sparkly version of the Livan insert, two athletic sweethearts from Panini Americana, and the Bryce Harper Opening Day short print with Dusty Baker in the dugout.  That's the coolest card Topps has produced in a few years. 

Here's a closer look.  Probably a clown question to ask what he said....


night owl said...

He probably said, "(insert name of reliever) is going to lead us to the World Series."

Thanks for the trade!

GCA said...

Aw, that was cold....