Monday, June 26, 2017

Joy Of A Completed Page - 1964 Topps

Not sure who started these type of posts, but now and then when I'm flipping through my vintage binders, I come across a page that has some interesting aspects.  When you arrange a set in numerical order, you get certain groups of nine on each page, of course.  I don't always go in numerical order, but the last several sets I've put together have started that way.  I used to wait to sheet them until I almost finished, but not so much any more.  Many of my late 70's sets, which were the first ones to be finished are sorted by teams.  And a few of them are missing the big stars, which I kept in my "star binder" instead.

Anyway, here is a page from the work in progress that is my 1964 set.  It is the newest one to be "officially active" and therefore does not have too many full pages yet.

A fair amount of star power here.  Elston Howard is one of my player collections.  The Yankees cards look nice in '64 even though it's a simple design.  The red complements their dark blue unis well.  The '64s with two different colors between the team names and the player/position bar are the prettier ones.  

Moving on, you have Walt Alston, the Dodgers manager for like 85 years.  

Nice checklist at slot 3.  The older checklists were so much cooler than in the 80's and beyond.  They're not just blocks of lists with a spartan title.  Multi-color with the little player graphics make them pop.  

Curt Flood in one of his nicer looking cards.  Classic portrait set off nicely with the green.

Don't know much about Mahaffey or Held, but gotta love the old unis, especially the shoulder numbers on the Indians. 

Nuxhall in the old white-cap duds set against the stadium - another classic looking shot.  More of a fan favorite type of guy than a big star, which I like better, in a lot of cases.  

Here's you're rookies when rookies didn't matter so much.  If it was Frank Howard and Bruce Kreutzer, this might be a high dollar card.  

And ya gotta love the defunct Athletics appearance.  Most of the cards in the team set have the KC A's wearing green and yellow (as they did for the first time in the 1963 season), but a few have this red and white combo going.  A couple guys have dark hats with this scheme.  Ken Harrelson's RC (#419) has him in a black looking hat and jersey.  Hard to tell against the purple lettering if it's dark blue.  The original color scheme was red and (dark?) blue.

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Robert said...

You know, I went through building that whole set and never paid attention to the green/yellow vs. red/white uniforms.

Think I need to pay a little close attention.