Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Night Owl Gives Me The Blues (And It's A Good Thing!)

Got a surprise package Saturday from Blogger #1, Greg from Night Owl Cards.  I guess my comments on a few recent posts once again sparked his generosity.

I'll start with the set that had the highest number in the bunch.  2017 Bunt blue parallels, as well as two Infinite inserts and a Brett program.  Big Blue from the Blogger Behind Big Blue.

Got both the Comeback Player of the Year inserts from 2017 flagship.  Really a shame about Fernandez.  And two '87s of my hometown favorite and his.

Speaking of Hometown, the Ryan below was one I said I needed.  The Kingman is for my PC.  Then I'll get another for the set.

Dodger blue appears again in the form of Seager's Numbers Game A&G card.  Great looking set overall.  I've recently jumped in headfirst on some past years of A&G, but 2014 and 2016 are the best years I've seen so far.  I think if I had to pick a set besides flagship to faithfully collect to the exclusion of all others, it would be Ginter.

The last one is a really nice bonus.  A Harper mini in the style of '75.  What could be more NightOwlish?  

Greg, I am going to your wantlists now and will attach them with my full fury!  Hopefully by the time I post this, I'll have a big stack to send out!

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night owl said...

Quite glad you posted this on a day the Dodgers beat the Nationals. I'd be too depressed to comment if they got swept.