Wednesday, July 11, 2018

NL Nats & Numerous Needs From Night Owl

Greg from Night Owl Cards (if you don't know that one, you haven't read enough card blogs) suprised me with a few goodies in the mailbox Saturday.

His note said the Topps National League team set was mostly Nationals, and here they are.

He also included the two gold parallels of the regular set cards.  They'll be a nice header when I get Series 2.

There was my second copy of this... complete the set while the first one is in my Moon & Space binder.

Then he killed another set.

Yep, I made a set out of a whole five row monster box, and this was the last need.  Anyone else want a starter set? :)

Here's a very 90's Nomo insert from Collector's Choice.

And a bonus Cal Ripken insert from Hometown Heroes.

One of those pesky black parallel versions.

Nice assortment, thanks Greg!


  1. You're most welcome. I my mission to complete most of the '80s Fleer sets, I find myself most uninspired by the '86 set.

  2. Love the Nomo is the quintessential 1990s style. Plus you can't go wrong with a Saturn V card.

  3. Seeing that Saturn V card reminded me that I purchased the Lego set awhile back that I really need to build. When I finally do, I might need to grab a copy of that card to go next to it.

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I often wondered if Charles Barkley would butcher Danny Tarabull's name if he were to play baseball.