Wednesday, July 25, 2018

MD, DC, PA Shop Tour Part 2

The other shop we stopped at after Hall Of Fame Cards in Potomac was House Of Cards in Silver Spring, MD.  They had moved from downtown Wheaton into a much more accessible business park location.  It was a lot easier to find and park near the building.  They had just changed their hours, so I'll have to remember that they're only open Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays now.  But we were already there, so they didn't kick us out on this Thursday.  The main part of their business is high end auctions under Huggins & Scott, but we were able to find some nice stuff from what they had displayed in the showroom.

Excuse the non-cropped pics.  My biggest draw was the couple monster boxes they had right in the front of discounted vintage.  Since these guys do a lot of high end graded stuff, I figured they just blow out anything that is slightly off condition, which is right up my alley!

The '60's cards above were all out of those boxes.  The unmarked ones were a buck-a-shot.  I love that.  Hardly any flaws in any of them.  I will have to check my '62s though,  I didn't look at my have list very close, so I might have purchased a couple semistars I already had.  But that is always par for the course.  I really liked the '55 Bowman Minoso, and the '60 is an upgrade. 
The '75 minis were 3/$1!  And there were stars in them!  And I got the three '77 cloth stickers for $2 each.  Two more left to kill that set!

Dove into some '57s since the price was so nice.  Haven't made a list yet for this set, so I just picked out the nicely centered ones that I didn't remember seeing before.  Hope the majority of my '57 build is a dollar each for such clean cards.

Along with the '77 cloth stickers, I picked up this '74 Deckle Edge Grich for my player collection.  Hadn't actually seen one in the wild before, but I recognized the back with the square newspaper clipping graphic.  These are listed as a test issue in the database.

I also picked up a couple wax boxes in my annual tradition of building a junk wax set this time of year.  I think the choice this year will garner some enthusiastic responses, shall we say.  Stay tuned for that post later.

And finally, as we were leaving, it was pouring rain outside, so I went to get the car while my friend Stuart settled up with them.  I pulled up and he wasn't at the door, so I wondered what he was doing.  He came out with this...

Number 9, Homeward Bound is the last card I needed to finish the '69/'70 Man On The Moon set.  Heckuva buy dude!


  1. I want to go to a real card shop someday.

  2. Anonymous11:47 PM

    I'm sure that if your friend Stuart would offer his services to you like he has done for me in the past. He has a knack for finding some of the strangest things for others I recall when he told me about getting a complete set of the TCMA Decade of the 1950's for little money. As well finding the starter for you in the `79/`80 Topps Hockey set.

  3. '74 Deckle Edge?! I didn't even know those existed!

  4. Yeah Stuart is who was with me all week. I was there when we got the 50's set and the 79/80 hockey.

  5. Wow. Love the 77 Cloth Stickers. That Rose for $2 is an awesome deal.