Monday, July 23, 2018

Two PC Players Live In Chantilly

I'm still taking pictures (and trying to keep my piles of loot straight) in order to post about my Chantilly show haul, and all the other shop visits I made this past week. 

Today I'm sneaking in under the wire with a quick post about one of the few autograph opportunities I took advantage of at the latest show.  I don't spend a whole lot of effort on in-person autographs, but when my player collection guys show up at a nice price, I can't turn it down.

One of my more complete and extensive player collections is Livan Hernandez.  I liked the guy when he was with the Nationals.  He wasn't fancy, but was an innings eating machine.  And he was Cuban like Luis Tiant, and has a similar happy personality, so I kinda considered him a modern version of El Tiante.  Plus, after watching the story of how he and his brother Orlando came to America, I had even more respect for him.

I got my ticket and he was the second signer of the day.

Ticket #31 means I had to wait until the third group of tens to be called.  But it wasn't that long a wait to get in line.  While I was waiting, the first signer was taking customers too.  He was also a PC of mine, but a bit higher priced.

Dwight Evans of Red Sox fame (and briefly with the local Orioles) was the first signer.  Caught a couple shots of him while I was waiting.

Meanwhile, Livan looked like he could still play.  I know he works with the Nationals and overseas prospects.

I told him he looked like he was still laying off the McDonalds like he said in the 30 for 30.

I debated whether to get him to sign a Nationals card (A&G) or his (extended) rookie card that I have.

I decided to go with the Cuban rookie card.  I don't care for having my IP autos certified, I get them personalized and that's enough for me.

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  1. The 94 Cuban card is a great choice. I would have been pumped at the chance to meet Dewey.