Friday, July 20, 2018

MD, DC, PA Shop Tour Part 1

As you may be able to tell by my inconsistent posting this week, I'm on vacation and not keeping a regular schedule.  My friend from Michigan came down for the Chantilly show and we are spending the week at local shops in my area.

We had some sporadic finds at a few antique malls, but the first good shop was Hall Of Fame cards in Potomac, MD.  It's located in a high dollar neighborhood, and is in the middle of a shopping center, so their prices are more on the full retail side.  Their selection is pretty decent though.  Most of their current and recent singles are organized by team and star players.

We found some vintage hockey and a few other gems.  Take a look:

1977-78 Topps with a variation or two...and then

Some older set needs, a couple from the top priority list, and a couple Cal's and a Jeter from the star boxes.  Two bucks for an insert is a lot, but I figured I messed up getting a couple of them the first few times so I had to pay the fee.  The other pair of oddballs are checklists from the Ted Williams Locklear collection.  I've also been getting a few different Cal Ripken tribute sets lately.  You'll see more of them soon.

Got a couple more hauls to show in a bit, and a couple more places to go, so stay tuned!


  1. I love visiting new places and checking out the local card shops. I bet your friend is having a blast (& you too). I just wish there were more of them around these days!

  2. You have a friend that will hang out and go to different card shops in your area? I'm more jealous of that... than the vintage hockey. And I love vintage hockey!