Thursday, July 27, 2017

Greetings from the National!

Geez, I missed a whole week.  And I had a whole show worth of loot to post about too.  Then I put most of it away without scanning it.

Well, admittedly, posting is going to be sporadic until about the 5th of August or so.  But after that, I'll have several dealer purchases and all my National loot to report on.  Which is all combined into the same box at this point....

Today I arrived in Chicago with my friend Stuart and his girlfriend Marion.  We made it to the convention center just after the VIP reception had started.  The room was packed full of people.  They had already formed the autograph lines for Ron Duguay, Nate Archibald, and Jose Canseco.  There were some giveaways and then the signers started.  I had brought about 16 Duguay cards for members of SCF (in hopeful exchange for someone getting my Ron LeFlore signed on Sunday).  I walked the line back and forth and had no requests, so I figured I might as well get one signed while I was there.

Then it was time to HIT THE FLOOR!

Picked up some more 1950 Bowman (none more than $5 each), 1963 Fleer ($4.50-6 each), and some unmarked late 70's football checklists and singles, including Ken Stabler and Bert Jones, as well as a stack of Allen & Ginter short prints from '10, '07, and '06 all for 25 cents each!  Plus, I found the second USFL full set for $75.

Dime Box Nick, I've also captured three of your most wanted fugitives ~ '81 Traded Gene Tenace, '83 Traded Terry Forster, and a correct '82 Donruss Phil Garner.

I've collected most wanted lists from several bloggers and will see what else I can knock off cheap tomorrow and Friday!

Stay Tuned!


  1. Thanks for finding those Dime Box Dozens! Just sent you an email.

    Looking forward to seeing what the National has in store for you! Can't wait till I get to attend on Saturday.

  2. I hope you are taking pictures to share with us! I'm wishing I could go.

  3. I'll second Billy's comment. Pictures are always a good thing, especially for those of us that have never been.

  4. Super jealous. Have fun at the show. It sounds like you're already finding plenty of goodies.

  5. I hope to catch Cleveland some day but think it will be an overwhelming experience. So looking forward to your pictures and details of the event!!