Monday, July 17, 2017

Star Trek: The Retro Football Card Set - Card #9

Will Decker was the Kirk-appointed Captain of the refitted Enterprise in the first movie.  Demoted to Executive Officer (XO) so Kirk could assume command, he merged with the V'Ger entity at the end and is classified Missing In Action.  So that's what the letters mean - not hugs and kisses from Miami.

Based on the 1950 Topps Felt Back design.

Made a slight departure from the Original Series cast this time.  Still managed to find a 50's design I hadn't used yet that wasn't just a plain photo.

Added noise and subtracted the color from a Decker photo for the front.  Toughest part was, again, cobbling the text from several cards, especially finding an X.  Wanted to mention the V'Ger somehow, but nothing fit.  A lot of these original cards have the guys with wild expression on their faces, so this wasn't going to work with a smiley photo.  And you can see that there are colorful descriptions of the player's position, not just an abbreviation.  Took some liberties with the color of the pennant back.  Just picked one that started with F and looked nice.  These original front and back don't come from the same card.

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