Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Take Up The Hunt

While researching (which means Googling and browsing my binders) the cards to match up with the poem in this post, I was amazed that I couldn't easily find a couple particular images.

The most evasive card photo was of a catcher showing a sign.  There are many shots of catchers in a crouch, some in full gear and some in just hat and glove.  But pretty much all of them are holding their bare hand outside their knees, either in a fist, or loose hand.  I looked through several vintage sets that I have, plus some from the 80's and 90's, including base Topps and Donruss, as well as Stadium Club, which has more unusual photos.  But I was unable to find any of them with the catcher actually extending fingers.  I found one that had his hand in position, but hand still balled up.

George is as close as I've seen
I challenge any and all of you to find a card like this.  Maybe you know a particular card or set that I don't have that has one.  Bonus points for full gear and in-game action.  Has to be an actual major company-produced card.  Customs are great, but that's cheating. 😊

I don't need you to send me the card, just a scan will do.  I may even be persuaded to send you a nice card or two from your favorite player or team if I have anything, or a couple hits to your want lists.


defgav said...

Funny such a card is so hard to find. I spent some time looking, but came up empty.

But then ironically, Nick went and posted one on his blog today. It's not a 100% match, but there's a card with Ben McDonald goofing around putting down two fingers while in a crouch with his hat backwards, so that's gotta be worth partial credit.

Nick said...

Can't think of one that features in-game action, but there's a Bill Dickey from 2003 Flair Greats that features him calling for the curve... well as Greg Briley's 1992 Upper Deck card (a fun posed shot since he's actually an outfielder)... addition to the Ben McDonald that, as Gavin said, I (ironically) just posted on my blog today.