Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Charm of Series 2

I was all set to wait for the National to get a couple boxes of 2017 Series 2, but I got a sneak peek at pricing at the Chantilly show last weekend.  Since Steel City was asking almost $80 a box, I said never mind.  My continuing favorite online box vendor, Charm City Cards out of Baltimore, had resisted Judge-Mania and still had them for $61 a pop.  I bit.  I ordered them Monday afternoon (don't tell the boss), and they were on my doorstep after work the NEXT DAY.  Granted, I'm only an hour from Baltimore, but that's still great service!

Late Tuesday, after playing pool, I couldn't resist busting a few packs.  So I decided to open until I got the one hit from the first box.

As I went through, there were some inserts that looked familiar from the two hanger boxes I got before, but it wasn't bad.  I thought I kinda had a Miguel Cabrera hot box, since I got all these rather close together...

But the payoff came with seven packs left.  There were only two regular cards in the pack with this thing.  The jersey cards are especially thick this year.  (Spoiler: I got a Tallion regular relic in the other box and it was the same size.)


Gotta love Charm City - I almost always seem to get something good from their boxes, over and above any from Blowout or D&A.


P-town Tom said...

Not familiar with Charm City but I will give them a look.
Nice pull!

John Sharp said...

As a Tigers fan, you can't go wrong with a few Miggy cards...great pull on that Machado as well!

Cardboard Jones said...

Beautiful swatch on that Manny card.