Monday, September 25, 2017

Elimination Can Still Be A Good Time

My buddy John hooked me up with a game ticket to Saturday night's Orioles vs. Rays game at Camden Yards.  The game itself was not what we wanted to see, (though they almost rallied after we left), but it was nice just being at the ballpark.

I drove myself since he was riding with other friends.  It was easy parking in lot G down by M&T football stadium.  Got to see the new Ray Lewis statue, along with Johnny U's on the walk up to Oriole Park. 

We found our seats in the upper deck and settled in.  Showed up rather early, so the crowd hadn't filled in yet.  It was interesting how the lights kicked in and darkness fell right about the time of the first pitch.

We were in the corner near the foul pole and the Orioles retired numbers.

The starting lineups...hopefully clearer in the larger view.

Around the fourth inning, we went for food and walked around to the monument park in the other corner.  I had not seen them in person yet.

Brooks Robinson
Earl Weaver

Frank Robinson

Eddie Murray

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Jim Palmer

John had to leave (his friend got called back to his Navy ship). So I hung around until the top of the 9th inning.  Score was 9 to 1 Rays at that point.  Since the O's hadn't been winning a lot lately, I didn't have much faith in a comeback.  I finally decided if the next batter gets on, I'm getting a jump on the traffic.  The batter got a hit, and I headed out.

I continued snapping pictures on my way down the ramp behind the grandstands.  You can see the game between the floors.

Game view is kinda washed out

Came through the monument park again and went around to the warehouse and out Eutaw Street.

Went home and learned the Orioles scored five runs in the bottom of the ninth!  This solidifies my rule about not leaving early.  I got home and they were replaying the game on CSN so I recorded it from about the 7th inning on to see the scoring in the 9th.  My luck struck again and the recording stopped after the eighth inning.  So I'm just seeing the highlights this morning on their website.

That loss officially eliminated the O's from the post season.  Ah well, maybe next year....

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  1. That Ray Lewis statue is awesome! Loved watching him light up a running back or a QB. As for leaving the game early... it's such a tough call. Whenever I go to games during the week, I almost always need to leave early... otherwise my students deal with Mr. Tired & Grumpy the next day.