Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Thoughts-On-Ginter Lead To Hits-On-Lists

Kerry from Cards On Cards started a conversation about Allen & Ginter in a recent post.  I commented with something like "Don't stop now, I just got a big pile of trade bait that you saw in this post.

Got the first wave of Kerry's contributions the other day.

 First up, the always welcome hit to a previous year's straggler inserts.  With a rare photo no less.

Heritage short print of a very serious looking Armando...

Heritage insert of two great pitchers, and a short print of J. Lo's current boyfriend.

 More Heritage.  Coaches and a guy I like even less.  I notice he's not wearing batting gloves.  They must have only had a couple hours to shoot.  He would have had to refasten them between shutter clicks I'm sure.

Moving to football.  Some rare variations from Pro Set.  ESPN 30 For 30 subject Dupree is just a PC, but the others feature text in various stages of obscurement (is that a word?) , missing player association logos, or slightly different color wording (not shown because they were filed away early after much squinting and independent scanning.)  Any Pro Set variation collectors will know what I'm talking about.

And finally, some random Redskins for the team files.  Very eclectic mix.  Thanks Kerry!

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