Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mystery Envelope

Got a PWE in the mail the other day with some contributions to my recent Allen & Ginter sets.

Not sure who it's from, since it's not addressed, but I have my suspicions.  Is that you?

It actually came marked "Postage Due" since there was no extra ounce / non-machinable 21¢ stamp included.  Luckily, there was no envelope left to collect the cash in, so like most of the time the postman didn't sweat it.

Three Giants stars for my 2013 set.  Thanks to the "stealth sender"! :)


  1. Awesome! The dreaded "postage due" mystery package.

  2. "Postage Due" has always been a complete mystery to me, because of how inconsistently it's handled. I've had to march down to the post office (and once even a post office distribution center where you have to buzz just to be let in) to pay for the balance of the underpaid postage. And sometimes it's just stamped on the envelope that gets delivered to you. Weird.

  3. It wasn't me, although I do probably have dups of those cards and would have sent them your way had I realized you needed them. I am thinking it was a Dodger fan who needed to purge the good guys in the Orange and Black from their collection.