Friday, September 08, 2017

IP By Proxy TTM Auto

That sounds like an automated network protocol setup.  Above my pay grade, I'm sure.

It's actually a quick description on how I got this:

I took my '79 Topps Ron LeFlore to the National hoping to trade something to somebody to get it signed for me.  I wasn't going to be at the show myself on Sunday, so I needed a little help.  Don from SCF had a table in the far corner of the floor and had a few suggestions.

My original arrangement failed when I forgot to leave my extra auto tickets with Don where they could be retrieved later.  But lucky for me, another SCF member, Rick, who goes by Turd Ferguson, took care of it for me.

I always like to get my in-person autos personalized, so when they go into my player collections, it's evident that I actually met the player.  This is the first case where my name was used, but I wasn't actually there.  Still looks great - a nice signature on a classic looking card.

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