Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Happy Birthday To Me +3

Happy Birthday to me and three other much more interesting ladies, none of which are sharing the same milestone with me (51).

Proud mama Kate Middleton is due again in April.  Those royal troops sure are busy, but who can blame them?

Nina Dobrev was just swimming with the sharks to shoot a PSA against the brutal fin trade.  She cut her hair, but still looks great.

Last year's newcomer Nicola Peltz is making more "news" from dating The Beiber than making movies lately.

Other notable celebs born the same day as me: 
Super Bowl I & II winner Bart Starr is 84.
Singer Joan Baez is 77. 
Guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is 74. 
Singer Buster Poindexter is 68. 
Singer Crystal Gayle is 67. 
Actor J.K. Simmons (TV's Farmer's Insurance ads) is 63.  
Actress Joely Richardson is 53.  
Basketballer Muggsy Bogues is 53.
Singer Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth is 51. 
Singer Dave Matthews of The Dave Matthews Band is 51. 
Dave and I were born on exactly the same day
Actress Joey Lauren Adams ("Chasing Amy," ''Big Daddy") is 50. 
Singer A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys is 40. 
NFL WR Chad Johnson is 40.


  1. Happy birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Bart Starr! Oh, and, uh, you too, Greg. Hope you have a good one.

  3. Somewhere JK Simmons is saying, "I played Skoda on Law. & Order, I was in Spider-Man, I did Whiplash and won a freakin' Oscar, and all they remember are those ads!" B^}

  4. JK Simmons is also the yellow M&M from those commercials. Happy birthday!

  5. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Your 51 damn!!!! Your older than that gum you posted last week. If my memory serves me right JK Simmons was the manager in 'For Love of the Game'. We need to see more ladies & a possible 6 degrees in how they connect w/you other than you sharing the same B-Day

  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday. I see that there are no notables under 40 (except the pretty ladies) on this day -- or maybe you have that same old guy problem I do in which you don't know who any under-40 famous person is.

  8. Great birthday post! I hope it was a good one!

  9. Happy Birthday! Lots of big names sharing your special day.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! Sharing a day with the great Jimmy Page mustn't suck.