Friday, January 19, 2018

Cyborg Photoshop 101

   Nobody identified the new banner background as the other subtle change I made.  I guess it's pretty subtle unless you have the two to compare. 

Wanna see how it's done?  I've had requests to show how I cobble custom cards together.  Here is a little different spin.

Start with Googling Borg type graphics.  I found these.

Then cobble some pieces in with some familair card images.  A lot of cutting and pasting, flipping and mirroring, and shrinking and stretching....

Then mute it so the site title can go on top.  Basically lowering the contrast.

Then I found the coolest robotic lettering that I had to pull by each letter and size to match.

micro version of the whole thing
Make my banner...

And paste it over.  Add the tag line in Impact font in the same color as the title letters about 24 point, and voila!

And then figure out a better tag line and use that instead.


  1. I like the tagline...I'm sure you tried some variant on "resistance is futile" already.

  2. Yeah, the original is something like "we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own."