Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Targets For Assimilation - #1

On my wantlist home page, (and at the upper left on this blog site), I list my top "most wanted fugitives".  These are the set killers, the last elusive insert or short print that will clear a major space on my want list.  A lot of other bloggers have them too.  Nebulous Nine, Desperate Double Dozen, Arbitrary 8, etc.  I figured why not write a post about what some of them are or why they're such a priority.

Number one on my list (and the most likely to stay there the longest) is 2011 Topps Prime 9 - Week 7 redemption card.  This is the actual "#7" card, not the Mickey Mantle that you got when you turned it in. 

Topps did these types of redemptions in the flagship set for a couple years.  They may still do them, but I don't have a close brick and mortar shop around any more.  My buddy Stuart in Michigan has a few.  We were able to obtain the redemption sets and keep the number cards as well.  Somehow, though I missed #7.  Once or twice I've seen these used as padding or thrown into dime boxes, but haven't ever seen them in bunches.  Most of the time, I think they got turned in to Topps or discarded by the dealers.  Which makes the odds of actually coming up with one in 2018 a real long shot.

But if you have one lying around, I'll trade you something for it!


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I thought #7 was Mickey Mantle you might want to recheck but I don't have a #7 in my #'s I just have a #1 to represent me & don't have any of the cards that you got after redeemed cause my shop closed in 2011.

  2. I had a redemption card sitting on my wantlist for years. It was for this Brett Favre insert back in the 90's and it was really hard to find, because most people who pulled it had redeemed it. It took me 7 years of searching eBay to find it, then one day someone listed it with a BIN for 99¢. Patience pays. Best of luck on finding your redemption card.

  3. anonymous (are you the same anonymous each time?) I stand corrected. It is Mantle.