Monday, January 15, 2018

New Sets Posted

Blogging has taken a back seat to trade logging and pulling cards for a few days.  So I might as well show what I was working on.

Finally pulled my starter set out of the monster box of 1986 Fleer baseball that I got from Stuart.  Just need a bunch of the star cards.  Anyone need some?  This one will go quick, if not just from my trading group and a few of you out there.  Still have to sort that hockey set that is in with it.

Also started a cool football set, 2008 Topps Mayo.  I'm one card away from the 2009 set, but the 2008s are even nicer with the black color.  Not missing many.

Even with three days off, still not much progress clearing the sorting desk.  Football playoffs and my annual trip to my old job to pay off the fantasy football winners killed a lot of time.  Had to watch the playoffs on my small tv in the bedroom.  My big 65" DLP Mitsubishi blew another bulb.  At least it's under $100 this time.  The other two or three I've put in it cost me twice that.  Just have to wait a week for the shipment.  Almost went out to look at a new 4k set, but I don't think it will fit on the sofa table the present one occupies. 

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  1. One day I'll own a 65" television. One day.