Monday, May 07, 2018

Card Room Renovations Part 3: Finish

When we last saw the card room, I had loaded the shelves to a degree, after sliding them across the downstairs floor, and up the staircase, flipped them on their tops, and scooted them into the room where I flipped them again into place.  The only time I supported their full weight was when I shoulder blocked them up the steps.  Again, I advise against solo furniture moving.

But anyway, back to the room.  Here's the shelves once again.  One roll of plastic lining protects the wood from scratches by the binder ring tabs, etc.  I figure I'll put mostly boxes or supplies on the bottom shelves so it's not a big deal that the liner wasn't enough for the bottom shelves.

I've got plenty of empty binder space, so the plan is to start sheeting up sets in boxes to then free up rack and cabinet space.  I also moved some of my dupe boxes into the other room, so there is already space on the wire shelf rack.

Some of these will eventually be leaving

Another detail you might have missed there is that I removed the two red Topps lockers I had among the blue ones and replaced them with two new blue ones my buddy Stuart found for me.  Now I'm good until about 2023 with Redskins card storage unless they allow more than the present number of companies to produce.  I will be sheeting up the two football sets in the Topps lockers and then deciding what to do with them.

The small shelf next to the rack is half empty as well.  That one might go into the next room too.

Meanwhile, the desk is back in place with extra binders underneath and (at least started out) clean and ready to accommodate sorting piles.

And the football cabinet is fully loaded again.  I'll tweak the loading of the small sets later.  Some of that stuff is kinda crammed in there.  But again, I'll be thinning that herd to go into binders too.  I ordered (and received) three more boxes of standard pages from Amazon to prep for all the sheeting coming up.

The couch and the floor are clear at last!  Operations are ready to resume.  Let's trade!


  1. Awesome setup. That wire shelf rack holds three columns of super shoe boxes? I need to find me one of those for my office. Glad you're finished with this renovation! I really gotta buckle down, dive in, and get to work.

  2. Jealous of all the storage, but what I like most is the all the natural light. Because my set-up is in the basement I only have a little 30" by 12" window. Looks nice and cozy.

  3. The finished room looks really awesome! And I will second your warning against solo furniture moving... although for some of us, that is the only option :(

  4. I started my little room last Summer. I still need to get more decor onto the walls. Your room is simply awesome! WEll organized! My shelving unit is like yours. It was on sale at Home Depot. I highly recommend these units. They support several hundred pounds per shelf! Great work Greg!!

  5. Somehow I missed this! Very cool and I am jealous you have the space to call your own for the collection! It looks great!