Friday, May 04, 2018

Fuji Holds A Contest And D&A Holds Out On Me

Enter now to win packs of 2018 Topps, a HOF'er autograph, and an amalgamation of nice stuff from your favorite team or collecting specialty!  San Jose Fuji is running a contest for commenters on his blog.  I'd jump in, but I've got Series 1 all taken care of and don't really collect team-centrically.  (Is that a word?)

Done in one shot

 I'll also put up a quick acknowledgement to Dave & Adams, who I ordered some retail hockey that I was surprised to still find at all.  I grabbed four of the $15 blasters of 2016-17 Parkhurst and threw in another box of 2015 Topps Field Access football to hopefully cull down my base needs and get luck on some autographs.

They threw in a freebie six card set of the scoring leaders from an Original Six set of some kind. 

I did OK on the football autographs, pulling Derek Carr, Robert Mathis, and Reuben Randle (plus some rookie dude I wasn't familiar with).  But I only yielded one single base card that I needed, and that was because it was a Redskin that I put the first copy toward the team set.  Not a single other card came off my list for that.  I gotta find some other poor schmucks that tried to build this set.

As for the hockey, I'm about 75% towards a base set, missing a lot, and having three to five of other guys, but it didn't seem like I duplicated a whole box completely.  And the inserts were mixed, with a couple coming out in triplicate, while others were all unique.  Sorry, I didn't scan any of them.

The quirky thing about this order was that I sent it in about a month ago and didn't see anything.  I wrote D&A and they overnighted it.  Must have slipped through the cracks.  But it showed up fine, and I've had so much going on with the renovations (and resulting physical issues), that I can't really get upset about the delay.

I used up all my drafts, so hopefully this weekend I'll pile up some more posts.  Have to finish cleaning up the card room and show that, plus some other acquisitions.  Until then, LET'S GO CAPS!


  1. I thought about ordering something from D&A for their 27th anniversary sale, but nothing interested me except an $80 box of basketball cards that i cant afford to gamble on.

    If the Capitals don't win this series I'm done with hockey.

  2. Congratulations on pulling a Carr autograph... and thank you for plugging my contest.