Monday, October 08, 2018

The Binder Dilemma

I've mentioned before that I am able to get a lot of spare binders.  I've got many more than I can use at present, and there will be more coming.

There are four boxes under my sorting desk...

And more than five over in the computer room, along with a few 5" biggies.  The ones nearest the doorway are the most recent additions. 

They're some smaller sizes.  Most of these are round rings, but that's OK for small ones.  All the bigger sizes are D rings.

The bulk of what I have are around the 3" ring range.

I would love to ship these out to other collectors, but the cost is prohibitive.  A medium flat rate box from the post office is $13.65 to ship pretty much anywhere in the US.

You can get a four pack of brand new 1" binders from Wal-Mart for less than $9.

I can get four small binders into the flat rate box, but it's still not as good a deal.

Or three with bigger sizes combined.

But only one or two standard Ultra Pro binders fit in the same box.

And don't even think of shipping a larger ring size.

Guess I'll just have to stick to live exchanges. 

Anyone going to Chantilly on Sunday the 14th and need some binders?


  1. Wish I lived anywhere within driving distance. You have quite the binder stash!

  2. Shipping charges suck. I've come across a bunch of binders through collection purchases over the years that I don't actually keep (b/c I need all of my binders to match). Luckily... I usually have students who will take them off my hands. Otherwise... I'd probably just dump them.

    By the way... Have you ever used the 5" binders to store cards? If so... how do you like them? I stumbled across a guy at the flea market who had some and thought about giving it a shot.

  3. I could sure use them as I have lots of loose card pages sitting in stacks. But I don't even know what state Chantilly is in.

  4. Virginia, near DC