Saturday, December 21, 2019

It's No Secret, Billy Is A Killer!

When Billy Kingsley of Cardboard History showed his Secret Santa package on the way out, it looked familiar to me because I had just taken a photo of it myself after pulling it out of my mailbox!

Now you get to see what was inside!

Two nicely wrapped stacks, complete with the proper tape job.  Note says "I am your Secret Santa this year.  Sorry it took so long to arrive. I had to wait for COMC!  Hope you enjoy!"

"Took so long"?  Dude, don't be sorry, it arrived before the 20th!  It's all good!  :)

So let's unwrap 'em and see what "Santa" brought...

The Strasburg that you can see in the package photo.  Cool card of the WS MVP for sure.

Some more recent World Champions from Washington!  Spanning the ages from the current guys (and some recently departed), back to the old school guys from the early 90's.

First set killer!  The final Topps AAF card for the base set and one of my top wants.  Not sure why this dude was so elusive, but so glad to have it.  AAF cards have been surprisingly scarce at shows.  Now just have to find the inserts!

Bam! Bam!  Two more shots to the top wants list!  A couple New York fellows from 1998 Donruss (actually a base card), and the blue version of Mr. All Rise.  Both also set killers.  Sweet!  I've got a whole mess of Jeter singles on my lists, but they're so hard to find, even in a batch of nothing but Jeters.

And rounding out the most wanteds, the last box topper from 2016 A&G, Big Papi.  Wonder if he found another job yet?

And finally, probably the coolest cards in the package, but not unexpected considering the source.  These World Of Wheels are really fascinating.  I especially like the '53 Chrysler.  That era is my favorite right now.  I look at listings for early '50s Pontiacs, DeSotos, and Cadillacs all the time.  Might have to peruse the listings on this set to see if I should go after a bunch (or the whole set?).

Thanks a lot, Billy!  Couldn't have asked for better selections, and the cars were a nice signature touch!


  1. Glad you like! It was fun trying to find things on your wantlist...the Caps and cars were recently acquired duplicates I thought you might enjoy. Glad I guessed correctly!

    I have more World of Wheels available but a lot of them are in bad shape. Glue on most.

  2. Congrats on a great Secret Santa gift! Billy's awesome!

  3. World of Wheels is a very fun set, albeit one that I always forget even exists until I see some on a blog.

    Are you looking to buy a classic car, or just looking for looking's sake?

    1. Looking to sell my '66 Ford Galaxie and go back at least another decade. Though since the Ford is stored across town, I don't pay nearly enough attention to it and may fall into the same trap with anything else.

  4. Nice package from Billy, for sure! The World on Wheels set is terrific. Great artwork and design. I'm sure the complete set would look great in a binder.

  5. Great stuff. Billy always goes the extra mile. The Ortiz box topper is awesome!

  6. Wow. The Chrystler featured power windows? I remember when my mom got her Ford LTD back in the 80's and thinking it was so cool that we didn't have to roll the windows up with our hands. Had no clue power windows date back to the 50's.