Friday, December 06, 2019

Victory At O Dark Thirty, Roger

Tuesday's mail brought the latest batch of 1964 Topps baseball set fillers to my door.  My man Marv in Michigan came through again!

Most of my list is the higher numbers, like these two, #474 and 511.

And of course, the rookies are the first to go out of dealer stock, so these are very welcome additions.

The green scheme of the Cardinals is a nice contrast to their red unis and dark caps.


A couple well-known managers.  Dark is an upgrade, and Hodges with the Senators is just cool.

O C is also an upgrade.  He looks like the tension of not measuring up to the rest of my set was stressing him out.

Sharp Yankees team that's a little off center, but that just makes it a more reasonable price.

No Yankees here, but some great names.  And Jim Maloney.  No offense Jim.  He looks as shocked as we are.

The second biggest card in this haul.  Maris against the batting cage.  The Yankees scheme is just about perfect with the black name plate and red team letters.

And the pièce de résistance, second year Pete Rose.  Great ballpark shot with the Rookie trophy in all its glory.

Now to go check these off my list.  I'm sure Marv will inquire about knocking out some more in just a couple weeks.  Thanks Marv!!


  1. Wow, that Rose. Even someone like me who just can't get into the '64s is impressed.

  2. That Rose is sweet! I've been eyeing that card for over a year, but I haven't found one that's fallen into my price range. Congratulations on crossing off all of these cards on your list.

  3. Wow, these are some big names to cross off your checklist. Very nice Rose!

  4. Such a great batch of cards. Look at young Tim McCarver there.