Thursday, December 05, 2019

Blame It On The Tryptophan

Went away for the Thanksgiving holiday until last Saturday, and then have just been bogged down in the everyday stuff since.  The blog has gone dark for over a week, which wasn't intentional, but is typical this time of year. 

There is still progress being made, though.  I've been pulling trade fodder for a blogger or two, and have cleared out some of my incoming stacks into their proper places.

Look!  Desk space!

Of course, I just put in a SportLots order for about 125 cards to fill it back up.  Stay tuned for that....

Have also pulled the majority of my Secret Santa stack that I'll ship out in the next week or so. 

Don't want to give too much away, but fortunately for us both, I didn't have to go shopping for the stuff I'm sending.  It all came from extra stock I had on hand.  Makes it easy when their want lists are very detailed and wide-ranging, especially team collectors.

I'm hoping to get the blog motor running back on normal RPMs by the weekend.  Then of course, there's Christmas (or insert your seasonal holiday celebration here), so consistency is going to be a problem.


  1. Good to know that you're still above ground! :)

  2. Jealous that your desk is so organized. I'm gonna work on clearing me some desk space this weekend.

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hasn't mailed Secret Santa yet. I ordered some of it from comc so I have to wait for it to arrive and then pack and ship it super fast. Supposed to get the box next week, may have to end up overnighting it to my recipient.