Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bo Brings Life To My Capitals Collection

Made another trade with Bo of Baseball Cards Come To Life! recently.  Sent him some vintage baseball for a mystery amalgamation of Capitals cards, some hockey set needs, and a few more baseball variations.

 A few more for the 1991 Topps master base set.  Coolbaugh is missing the streak across his hat, Patterson had a photographic dermatologist treatment, Liliquist's "TM" is a variant size, and Naehring has a spot on his batting glove.  Some of these could be called printing flaws, but were significantly corrected, so to me they're worth getting.

 On to the hockey - two hits to a legends set from 2000-01 Upper Deck....The "other" Bure and Brodeur guys.

 Then he knocked my 1996-97 Upper Deck flagship set down to two dozen, few enough that I put names on them.

The rest were an amazing random assortment of cool, shiny, eclectic, and fascinating Capitals cards.

 Except for a couple that I recognized the design from, I don't remember having really any of these.

The tough part is going to be sorting them into my team collection box.  I had a few I was trying to put away just the other day and I found that what I thought were sorted correctly into the right years between 1994 and 1997 were all mixed up.  I can't keep the dual dates straight in my head and invariably mix piles together.  I started a document that is basically printouts of each major set by year so I can have a visual guide.  I was going by the stats on the back - and identifying each set by the year AFTER the last stat year - until I found a set that had the stats for the same year it was produced only as far as the All-Star break.  At that point I gave up and started the document.  Of course, sets like Finest have a few different looks to them, and most rookies are a variation of the base design too, so it still may not help.  I'll never be able to recognize hockey cards like I do baseball and football.

Anyway, thanks again to Bo Rosny!


  1. Love the 2000-01 UD Legends set! Great design and solid checklist. I built it years ago... but sold it when I dumped my collection.

  2. Glad you like them! The most confusing year is the strike year - because a whole year was lost you can't tell from looking at the back. And there doesn't seem to be much consistency with copyright dates. I had to look online for a lot of cards when pulling specific cards for people.