Monday, September 09, 2019

500 Total, 400 Official

My last post was my 500th to the blog in general.

But since there were 96 posts before I proclaimed this an "official" card blog, this means that my post about the hoard that I bought is actually my 400th "official" post.

I was also able to calculate that the post about the first two visits to "Kevin & Dad's" shop in Middleburg was my 300th post.

Not that any of this makes an impact in anybody's life at this point.  My blogging has deteriorated into a haphazard schedule and I've relied on loot posts for about two weeks.  I'm publishing the one item I write at the time instead of putting in a little more effort and getting a few posts ahead.

I've already got plenty of stuff to send out and I haven't come close to getting all my stuff put away or counted yet, so no great celebration for the milestone, just continuing business as usual.


  1. Happy 500th... er... 400th post! And there's nothing wrong with writing in the moment, and not having a bunch of already finished/old posts to coast on, I never do, and I'm sure a lot of other bloggers don't either.

  2. Congrats on the milestone!

  3. Great milestone, congratulations! Currently I'm at 37 total posts. Hah.

  4. 400 is nice accomplishment.
    I wouldn't worry about the state of your collection too much. I average roughly two weeks out of the year where everything is tucked away in it's appropriate place, want lists are updated, and I don't owe anyone trade packages. The two weeks are actually kind of boring! LOL

  5. Happy 400th! I'm approaching a key milestone on my blog, but with my luck... I'll forget about it when it arrives.