Wednesday, November 06, 2019

BBA: Big Pieces Of Trade Bait

Zippy Zappy from Torren' Up Cards stole the idea from Gavin at BBCBreakdown about posting up higher value cards that you have available for trade.  I can definitely jump about that bandwagon!  This is also a good way to kick off my future series of trade bait posts from the hoard of stuff I got, though those will be much more about quantity than high quality.

I don't really have too much to compare to the dollar figures these guys have been showing off, but I've got a few that are listed for some decent money.

For all these, I would much rather make an epic trade for one or a few valuable items.  I have been known to make trades for bulk singles, but I'd prefer some level of similar values for these.

First off, the oldest extra I have.

T205 Fletcher from my New York Giants team set.  I bought another one from someone on the Net54 forum for a good price, figuring it would give me one to trade for a different one later.  Hasn't happened so far.  (And I haven't actually been back on that site for months.)  It's the Polar Bear back (factory 6, dist. 0).  I generally buy the ones I have for about $40-60 each.  They're grade 4/10 or so for the most part.  This one is somewhere in that ballpark.

Bought a second one of these by mistake from a dealer that basically still goes "by the book".  So I'm in this one for $50.  Would rather trade for one or more of the star cards I still need for the set.

Lesser condition sample of the more desirable No "Optioned...." line on back 1959 Topps #362.  Listing for $40 to $50+ on COMC right now.

1940 Play Ball Charlie Keller.  This might be a triplicate, since I got two of most of his vintage cards when I first started collecting him for me and his nephew.  Either that, or I only got myself one and this is number two.  COMC has one for $28 and change.

Duplicate 1963 Post Elston Howard.  Bought this blind during my Maryland to Michigan and back tour this year.  Guessed wrong.  My mistake is your fortune.  Listed at $18 to 23, but I got mine for much less.

Magnified view of a wacky little item that showed up with a batch of cards I got for a bargain price.  This 1983 Topps bronze "medal" lists for $10 to 20 on eBay and Amazon.  It's got a fully detailed back too.  It's only about 7/8 of an inch tall.

Here it is beside a regular top loader of the next item.

2010 Topps Silk Collection Livan Hernandez.  Another dupe that I bought thinking there's no way I already have one of these.  And of course I did.  Numbered out of 50.  Lists for about eleven dollars on COMC, and 15 on eBay.

And finally, to jump on the "Regular Base Card Rookie" hype machine - 2011 JD Martinez base rookie.  This is the closest thing I have to a big name current player RC.  Goes for just under ten bucks that I've seen.

I will do another couple posts with all my GU and autos just to get them out there.  Then I'll start on the set-by-set stuff.  Have a big batch of low numbered 2005 Studio Portraits and inserts that will be a highlight of that series.  Stay Tuned.


  1. I'd never have anything good enough to trade for them, but it's still cool to see all of the vintage trade bait that you have available!

  2. Some very solid trade bait. Hopefully this BBA inspires some cool trades among bloggers.