Monday, March 09, 2020

The Shining Stars Of Night

The Captain of Cardboard Composition, the Shepherd of Sport in Spencerian Script, the Pioneer and President of Prolific Player Prose - you know who he is - Night Owl, has struck again!

A few Nationals from off the beaten path.  I'm guessing that Kieboom is Archives or something ... checking TCDB ... Yep!  Very cool blue Fire Turner.  The lighter blue tinted area is actually silver foil in real life.  And the Scherzer Sweatsuit card is a leather ... I mean gold version. 

One more Nats parallel.  Rookie Cup Chrome Soto.  Sounds like a drink you could order at a coffee bar.  "Gimme a cup of Chrome Soto, please."  Though if I drink a Coke too fast, I get half a buzz, so I don't mess with coffee. 
But I digress...

These came frikkin' fast, 'cause N.O. had just mentioned that he had an extra Mays insert like two days ago, et voilĂ !  The NAPpy was a bonus!

As was this Then & Now with Reggie and Bo Jac...I mean Jorge Soler.

Well, they have the same basic expression on their faces and everything.  Plus the blue background....

Three fantastic retail Ginter minis.  These are almost as cool as the dogs.

Speaking of which...  I have to admit, due to a lapse in bookkeeping, this is actually a dupe.  But I might send it off to a friend who has a Frenchy or an Instagram model that has one for an autograph.

Now we're getting to some major star power.  I always dread when Trout and Ohtani are still on my want lists for inserts.  They aren't found too often in with the rest of the singles.  So it's a great relief to get them here.

Continuing that theme, here's Trout from 2019 Stadium Club along with Lindor's Warp Speed.  Bonus points for the Trek reference, Topps!

Again with the Titans of Taters.  Ohtani, Lindor, and KG Jr. are off my lists!

Thanks so much, Greg!  I knew as soon as I saw the return address I was in for some good stuff!

What big stars are you often stuck seeking set after set?


  1. Wow, talk about a quick turnaround, I just sent those out!

    I pull Trout cards all the time. Ohtani, too. Constantly.

    As for specific players that are tough pulls, not much springs to mind. Maybe Jeter.

    1. Jeter (was) my #1. So much so that I put "(of course)" next to his listings on my want list.

  2. Great question. I always seem to remember the guys I always pull instead of the opposite. However when it comes to building sets... Jeter and Trout are often names I seek. I think it's because people tend to hold onto them more than a Puig or Eckersley.

  3. Trout. I never pull Trout. Nor can I pull my PC guys like Ty Cobb, Kaline and Altuve. But when it comes to a smudged Henry Owens auto - I got one!

  4. That Soler photo and the '86 Bo is a great comparison.

    I think the tough pulls for me are Trout, Altuve, and Kris Bryant. Acuna is getting tricky now, too. :/