Friday, July 27, 2018

Show Loot, Including A White Whale

Besides killing the three vintage sets, here's all the other stuff I came away from the Chantilly show with.

Leading off is some hockey hits from my Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals.  Hmm, that's not gonna get old any time soon...

The Wilson goes with my two Braden Holtbys from the same Timeline set.  The other Holtby was just nice looking, though I may ship it to a non-collector friend.  Nice to get decent looking relics of Kuzy and Carlson.  Didn't have anything from them before.

Moving on, I almost always get some things to add to my player collections.

A few 2018 inserts just for the PCs ~ not getting them for the set this year.  Also added the Rookie Cup insert of Fisk (the '73 reprint), and his Museum Pieces Coopy.  A very shiny Sutter, also from Coopy, a Bo Jackson 2018 insert and his Museum Collection base card, A fancy Strasburg for my small informal batch of his stuff, and a cool foily Kuhl.

Also got a higher end hit for my Jim Palmer PC:

Can't remember what it cost me.  But I'm not sure it was even double digits.

Knocked one off of the remaining seven cards for my T205 Giants team.  Becker was $30 and except for the lower right corner, looks a little better than some of my higher graded ones. 

My buddy Stuart found these at a dealer who is local to me.  They're from a 1983 TCMA set of Yankee All-Stars.  I've actually got the Keller for my set and PC already, but got a third one anyway to give his nephew, who I know from work.  The Ruth is unfortunately a slightly different type with a line around the back and is smaller in size.  Not sure what the deal is, but until I find the proper size one, he'll do.  Still need the other Mantle to complete the set.

Hit my favorite insert vendor and practically killed all my 2018 Stadium Club inserts and base needs.  Which is almost too bad, since I flipped my Acuna autograph that I pulled for $100+, so I could have bought another box and traded for some of these.  But better to get what I need than spend money on dupes that maybe I can't trade.  Also filled in some holes in last year's inserts with the Rookie Cups, Storied WS, and a few '87s. 

And finally, I'll close out with the best buy of the show.  One of my newer favorite dealers, Dave E., was stationed in one of the last couple rows.  I usually start at that end, but had started by the door this time, so I didn't see him until late in the day after I had killed my baseball sets.  He is always good for tons of nice vintage, plus some outstanding 90% off boxes.  Since I had fulfilled my baseball wants, I turned to football.  I picked out a couple '74s to help my set build, and then killed my '87 set with the Kelly RC.  After that, I went into the stacks of much older cards to check against my Redskins wants.  I hadn't obtained any old vintage 'Skins for a long time.

Found some nice old Bowmans for a little higher than I normally pick, but I was motivated that day, so I got them.  Then I saw Sammy!

Had to do a double take.  Check that discount!  This was a no-brainer.  The only major defect I could see is the top left corner.

Yeah, this one's going home with me today!  Never thought I'd find such a white whale for less than three digits for sure.  This was one of the best shows ever!


  1. Awesome haul! I'm partial to the Caps cards and the gold border Becker, but that Baugh is a beauty! congrats on spearing that whale.

  2. Nice pickups! Still have yet to add a T205 to my collection. Have a half-dozen T206s.

  3. That is a great looking Baugh. Bowman made some really sweet football sets in the 50s.

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Some of the readers might want a face to go with our friend there that spent the time w/you during this period of time. I am sure he'll enjoy it plus I wonder how many other readers would be able to see his endless list of needs & be able to help him out. I know that it's a pain to find something I was only lucky to have at best 3 off his list when I took a shot at it. The Baugh is definitely a beautiful thing would you had it when he was around would you had him sign it.

  5. Baseball usually trumps football... but that Baugh stole the show! Awesome card!