Friday, April 26, 2019

Swapping Cardboard Greats

I saw that Henry from Cardboard Greats was a Craig Kimbrel collector, so I offered him my Triple Threads from 2013.  He gladly accepted and came back with two real nice items in trade.

First is this elegant 2003 Flair Greats GU jersey of Carlton Fisk.  This is from back in the day when you knew (or at least had some confidence) that the swatch really was from an actual garment that the guy pictured did in fact use in a regulation major league game.

And they said so on the back.  Not like today where the blurb is so non-committal that you might be looking at a piece of fabric from a men's league jersey from a softball tournament in Birmingham, Alabama.  (No offense to Birmingham ~ I'm still mad that I can't watch your AAF team too.)

The other piece is this fancy Legendary Cuts bat piece from Big Red Machine cog George Foster.  Nice use of gold foil around a cool picture (that's been used several times before), but makes for a nice composition.

And again, the comprehensive and authentic text on the back.  "Here's a piece of history."  Thank you very much.

Appreciate the trade Henry!


  1. Love Fisk and Foster! Can't believe nobody has signed Kimbrel yet. Wth?

  2. I didn't know that you collected random relics like this?

    1. Only enough to have at least one or more of all my PC guys. I don't pursue them at length, except for some of my football guys.

  3. Glad you like the relic cards I sent your way. I totally agree with your point about jersey swatches on today's relic cards, by the way.

  4. excellent stuff! as much as I love collecting Altuve fabric, who knows where it's actually sourced. A lot like bottled water.