Monday, April 08, 2019

Road To Victory 1/1

The NHL playoffs will start this Wednesday.  The Washington Capitals will begin their defense of their 2018-19 Stanley Cup Championship.  This is a good time to unveil my latest custom in the tradition of the Machado tablecloth.

2019-20 Absolute Irrelevance Road To Victory 1/1 Parade Used Bus Tire.

I asked myself what could be the most peripheral and ridiculous item they could put a swatch of in a relic card relating to the Caps Cup victory.  It was easy to find a tire swatch image since a good portion of racing relics are of race-used tires.  The rest was just cobbling together images into a cohesive design.

But the parody isn't complete without the presentation.  Machado relics were multi-level exclusivity with matching prices that jumped at each level.  Click on the image for a more readable picture.


  1. Lol. You did a great job. It's creative and entertaining. This post would have been perfect last Monday on April Fools' Day.

  2. Hilarious! "Absolute Irrelevance" is the perfect name.

  3. This looks like a completely plausible relic card, good show!

  4. Nice! The tablecloth debacle was classic so a perfect parody.