Sunday, July 07, 2019

Shine On You Crazy (Baseball) Diamond (Stars)

Spent the four day weekend with my best trading buddy Stuart and his girlfriend Marion.  She had the time off for once, so they drove from Michigan and we toured the local area antique and book shops for four days.  And of course, hit the card booths.  The biggest was at Rocky Ridge Collectibles just below the MD line on Route 11.

Most of what I got was for other trades, or second copies of '77 and '79 Topps baseball singles of my player guys that I still hadn't replaced in my sets.  Grich here is a typical example...

Tilted toward the light, normal vintage has somewhat of a texture, but doesn't reflect much.  Good for checking flaws.

Why am I testing the reflectivity?  Just to provide a reference.

I also found several binders with 1984, 1989, 1990, and 1991 that had a distinct difference.  I pulled my player guys from all of them.  Prices ranges from a quarter to 75¢ each.  Dewey Evans and a couple others were a dollar.  But the HOF'ers were not necessarily the highest marked.  Not sure why, but it's not relevant.

Fair selection of '84s....

But tilt 'em toward the light, and voilà!  Topps Tiffany!

Innocent looking '89s...
Shine bright!

Julio Franco was just happy to be an All-Star in 1990...

But all his friends are aglow as well!

'91s you know...

All aglow!

Also picked up some other PCs in this years Stadium Club.  They're silver foil, but shine goldish under my incandescent bulb in the computer room.  Was surprised to see Charlie Keller in the latest Diamond Kings.  I want all parallels of this one as well!  And started another oddball Cal set.  I already have the plain version.  You can't tell in the above photo, but...

Shiny gold version!  Still looking for two to finish it out.

Thanks to my friends for a great four day weekend.  Back to the (ten-hour a day) grind tomorrow.

Can't go out without the song in the title...


  1. 10 hour days? You're the man! Damn... I feel like such a wimp complaining that I'm burnt out from my 6 hour days. Congratulations on adding all of those Tiffanys to your collection!

  2. I wonder how many Topps Tiffany cards have passed through my hands over the years because I didn't bother to look at them from a a different angle. LOL

  3. Tiffany cards are so sharp and clear! I tried getting one in a trade the other day ('91 Saberhagen) but was unsuccessful.