Monday, January 27, 2020

I'm Smiling Behind The Mask

Contacted Robert of $30 A Week Habit blog about moving some vintage his way.  He responded with a very wide selection of great stuff in return, so we made the trade.  Check out what I got...

Robert is a major Maple Leafs fan, so hockey is a big part of his collection and apparently trade bait too.  Very nice to knock off some of these goalie inserts from the early 2000's.  I have a small collection of goalie GU and autos aside from my sets and Capitals.  They are the most interesting players in the sport just for their gear, not unlike catchers to a slightly lesser degree.

Robert said he would be fine with whatever portion of the stack of vintage I felt like sending.  I said it's all shipping since he included these two game used  jersey cards (and a big batch of Heritage SPs later).  I know these don't sell for more that a couple bucks, but it's still cool to get them, especially when they're from a defunct team and a former Caps goalie.

What's even more fun than gamers?  Minis!  This chap from the UK is part of the World Leaders inserts from '08 A&G.  He looks a bit worried, though.  Hope it wasn't anything more serious than Harry & Megan trouble back then....

RMitch also crossed off two more in my life quest to complete the 2012 GQ black minis... well as the set copy of the latest A&G insert with Jim Palmer.  Completes the set/PC pair.

I was just browsing on COMC and SportLots while on phone duty at work (don't say nothin') for these Award Winners and the Storied World Series that have lingered on my lists from 2017.  Lo and behold, Perez showed up that same evening.  Love that.

Some real nice 1968 Topps to start off my set build after I officially published my list on the site just the other week.  The O's RS card is a much better upgrade to my original.

And as promised, a huge lot of 2011 (I always have to look - even though they're in a unique box) Heritage short prints.  This set has the "default" friendly configuration of all the SP's being at the end after #425.  I was able to convert my "Have" list of about twenty to a "Need" list of twenty three.  (Also need most of the Jackie Robinsont story variant SP's as well).

Big Thanks to Robert as I look forward to many more fantastic trades like this!


  1. Glad they arrived safely! Will have your end on display in the next day or two.

  2. so many great-looking cards here but the 2012 GQ black minis stands out. How have I missed these? More for my old wantlist. Ok, I like the Masked Men too but have to stop somewhere. GOALIES!!!

  3. Good luck with the 68 set!