Monday, January 13, 2020

Mr. H The Hunter

Well known blog conisseur Mr. Haverkamp, aka Jim dropped me a note the other day that he had come upon some short printed cards I have been seeking.  We agreed to the price and they showed up Saturday.

From 2003 Topps "205", these six rookie prospects knocked out all but one from the regular size part of the set for me.  It's a 315 card base set, with many variations of team logos, pictures, color backgrounds, etc.  Plus, there's a mini parallel set that comes in several brand name backs, plus a 20-card extended mini set that also has a few flavors.  It's one of those products that keeps you going back to the database site just to keep it all straight.

The design of course is a tribute to my favorite tobacco era set, the T205.  T206 is somewhat more popular, or at least well known, but I like 205 better.  Lots more color and variety in the front designs.

A couple of these pictured above appear in my team set of New York Giants.  I've got McGraw (first one in fourth row), and Marquard (bottom right).  Still looking for the white whale Matthewson (last one fourth row) and five others.

And if you want to try to beat Mr. Haverkamp to the punch, you can try to knock out my last 2003 (full-size) card, Brandon Webb - #192!

Thanks Jim!


  1. Jim is a great guy. Best of luck on tracking down the Webb for your set.

  2. As a team collector, there are just so many sets that I am not aware of and from periods that are almost never on my radar. A 2002 short-printed rookie who didn't really pan out? Good luck night owl on remembering to land that one.